Airdrop QR


Portable Crypto Wallet in a QR Code

you can make in < 1 minute


How It Works

  • Generate QR Wallet

    Click create to make a new QR Wallet and redirect to its unique page. Each page has a QR code anyone can scan to access the wallet.

  • Add Tokens

    Fund the wallet with any NFT, ERC20, or native gas token. Adding tokens sends them to the address of the QR Wallet.

  • Download QR Code

    Download the QR code and use it however you'd like! Use it online as JPG or in the real world by printing it. Share it with anyone to give them its tokens.

  • Scan QR Code

    Scan the QR code to visit its unique page. On this page, anyone can add tokens or claim the wallet's contents.


Why would anyone use this?

QR Wallets are cool! It is a bearer JPG; if you have the QR code, you have its tokens. You can do cool stuff with that:

  • Make a hardware wallet
  • Attach tokens to physical goods
  • Airdrop tokens in-person
  • Make a crypto geo-cache

Is this secure?

Probably. The site has not been audited or reviewed by security experts. It uses no custom contracts or libraries, so the risk is minimized.

It was made using ethers, wagmi, rainbowkit, and react-qr-code.

Note: Each QR Wallet page is generated from a random private key. The key is stored in the QR code and its URL. Anyone with access to either can control the wallet.

What chains can I use?

The site currently supports Ethereum mainnet, testnet, Polygon, and Optimism. Support for other EVM chains is available on request.

What if this site goes away?

You can still get your tokens. All data needed to access the QR Wallet is stored in the QR code's URL.

Made by Jacob and Evan